How does Live Wireless add value to the industry?

One of our greatest accomplishments is our Corporate Buyback & Trade-in division. It is really the back bone of our success.

When we look at the the industry we look for areas that need more support & development, one of the largest areas has been what we call The GAP.

The Gap where there are not enough devices to fill the insurance claims filed, where the end user breaks there device without insurance & needs an affordable phone, this Gap can be extremely costly. Often times Insurance providers have to pull New devices off the shelves which cost close to full retail in order to satisfy a claim.

We fill this Gap.

Through our Corporate Buyback & Trade-in division we are able to collect devices which are in high demand in a greater volume than the well known consumer buyback programs out there.

Additionally our US based Refurbishing & Distribution Center allows us to refurbish those devices domestically & get them back into the hands of consumers quickly.
Specifically what type of examples could you give that demonstrate this added value?

Recently we were contacted by one of our insurance partners and were told the following devices were not coming in quickly enough or in enough volume to refurbish so they would have to start filling claims with New Devices which on top of being expensive were on back order because of industry demand!
Galaxy S10+, Galaxy Note 10+, iPhone XR

Because of our Refurbishing & Distribution Center not only were we able to create a program to collect devices through our Corporate Buyback & Trade-in division but we also refurbished & distributed those devices directly to consumers for our insurance partner. Being creative & versatile has helped us fill the Gap in the industry & continues to expand our name & reputation.


With our strategic partnerships Live Wireless is able to supply the most in demand products in a range of conditions to the industry’s leading:

  • Insurance Companies
  • Wholesale Distributors
  • Master Dealers
  • MVNO’s
  • Retail Stores